For some of the most outstanding spring rolls you’ll try anywhere in the world, head to Quan Nem, a buzzing lunch spot that specializes in nem cua be, plump, deep-fried, rectangular packages stuffed with chopped crab, glass noodles, ear mushrooms and steamed bean sprouts.
Travel + Leisure 21st March, 2012

Prices at Quan Nem are very reasonable; an order each of bun cha and nem cua be, plus a glass of tra da, will come in at a little less than 100,000 VND. It’s a big meal for a single person, but the food is served family-style so it’s easy to share. The restaurant has two storeys of seating that are consistently crowded throughout the day, particularly during peak meal hours, but tables free up rather quickly and you shouldn’t have to wait long for a seat even during rush hour. 29th November 2012

The folks at Quan Nem ensure the quality of their spring rolls by letting you wait for 15 minutes as they start frying spring rolls after your order is placed. Therefore your spring rolls are served hot and fresh.
VnExpress 26th April 2012